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SL-L13 Backpart Stiffness Tester

item No: SL-L13

Standards of Backpart Stiffness Tester:

GB28011, GB/T3903.34, QB/T1812.1813, ISO 18896, BS5131

Backpart Stiffness Tester parameters:

 Rotation angle


 Length of measuring clip


 Front clamp D



200g * 4pcs


Pointer Type


45 * 20 * 45cm



Use of Backpart Stiffness Tester

This instrument is suitable for measuring the longitudinal bending stiffness of leather shoes. The backpart stiffness tester is used to test the stiffness in the longitudinal direction of a steel shank used to reinforce the waist area of the shoe. The shank is clamped to its heel end and bent by adding mass to its front end as a cantilever beam. The amount of bending is measured and used to calculate the flexural stiffness of the shank

Principle of Backpart Stiffness Testing Machine

The hook heel part is fixed, the front end of the load weight, so that it is bent into, and then measure the hook bending tolerance, in order to calculate the anti-bending stiffness of the hook, this instrument is light and durable, easy to operate and maintain, the measurement can be quickly measured accurately the hook stiffness. 

How can I test my shoes?

SL-L13 Backpart Stiffness Tester


This instrument is suitable for the determination of longitudinal bending stiffness of leather shoe shanks.


Fix the heel part of the shank, add a load to the front end to make it bend, and then measure the bending degree of the shank to calculate the bending stiffness of the shank. The instrument is light and durable, easy to operate and maintain, and can be measured quickly. Measure the exact shank stiffness.

Standards compliant:

GB28011, GB/T3903.34, QB/T1812.1813, ISO 18896.BS5131