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SL-L55A Anti Static Footwear Tester

item No: SL-L55A

Standards of Anti Static Footwear Tester:

GB/T20991, GB/T21148, ISO 20344, CAN/CSA-Z195

Anti Static Footwear Tester parameters:

 Test scope

0.001-20000M ohm

 Test accuracy

2%, 5% and 10% vary with the test rang

 Operating environment

Temperature (0-40)℃, humidity (20-90)%R.




About 11kg

 Electricity source


 The voltage range

 DC50V, DC100V, DC500V.

Please review video of the Anti Static Footwear Testing Equipment as below link: 


Instrument Introduction of Anti Static Footwear Tester:

After a certain voltage passes through a closed circuit composed of a sample, steel balls, and stainless steel plates, the resistance is measured, and whether the value falls within the antistatic insulation resistance range is used to evaluate whether the test sample has antistatic performance.

Accessory part of Anti Static Footwear Testing Machine:

1. 4kg of 5mm stainless steel beads and 1 power cord.
2. One copy of the instruction and one copy of the warranty.

Notes of Anti Static Footwear Tester:

EN, GB:  (0.1-1000) m ohm is antistatic, and the voltage is DC100V.
ASTM:  (1-1000) anti-static in the range of m ohms, and the voltage is DC50V.

CSA:  (1-100) anti-static in the megaohm range, and the voltage is DC500V.

What is the CSA standard for protective footwear?

(1)  Safety footwear approved by CSA must have a sole and heel composed of electrically insulating material that provides protection against electrical shock (at least 18 kV and 60 Hz) to the bottom of the foot.

(2)  CSA Z195 - Protective Footwear has evolved from its original scope to include design and performance requirements, toe protection, sole puncture protection, metatarsal protection, electric shock resistant soles, and slip resistant soles.

What is anti-static footwear?

Anti-static safety shoes and ESD safety shoes are both conductive safety shoes. This means they protect electrical equipment by sending (conducting) an electrical charge to ground, preventing static shocks, electrical charges or sparks.