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Shoe Upper

SL-L22 Leather Flexing Tester

item No: SL-L22

Standards of Leather Flexing Tester:

GB/T 3903.41, GB/T 20991, QB/T2714, ISO 17694, EN ISO20344, EN ISO5402, BS3144, SATRA TM55

Technical Parameters of Leather Flexing Tester:

 Test Station(Optional): 12 set
 Bending Angle: 22.5°
 Counter: LCD0~999,999
 Dimension: 63*45*40cm
 Weight: 60kg
 Power Supply: AC220 V50HZ 0.2kw

Please review video of thLeather Flexing Test Machine as below link: 


Features of Leather Flexing Tester:

This machine is used to test the folding resistance of various leather materials. Leather materials and fabrics, clamp the inner and outer sides of the tested materials, And observe the damage of the tested materials after repeated twists and turns for a certain number of times. 

Leather Flexing Tester is suitable for thin leather such as vamp, cloth and bags, and has the function of power-off memory.

What is leather testing?

Testing the chemical properties of leather determines the quality and durability of leather products and lets you know whether your finished product meets legal trade requirements for international markets.