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SL-L45 Leather Cracking Tester

item No: SL-L45

Standards of Leather Cracking Tester:

GB/T 3903.40-2008, QB/T 2712-2005, ISO 17695, DIN 53325, BS 3144, SATRA TM24, QB 3812.7

Technical Parameters of Leather Cracking Tester:

 Sensor Capacity:


 Diameter of Specimen after Fixation:
 Test Speed:
 Steel Ball Diameter:
 Electric Machinery:
Three phase stepping motor


 Weight: 30kg
 Power: AC220V 50HZ

Features of Leather Cracking Tester:

A steel ball is pressed at the center of the meat surface of a round leather sample. And the periphery of the sample is fixed with a clamp. The maximum force and extension height were recorded when the grain surface was cracked.

Accessories of Leather Cracking Tester:

1. One tool die, one power cord and one Allen wrench
2. One manual, one calibration report and one quality assurance certificate

How is leather quality defined?

Good quality leather must meet the following standard:

GB/T 3903.40-2008, QB/T 2712-2005, ISO 17695, DIN 53325, BS 3144, SATRA TM24, QB 3812.7

Use the leather cracking tester to test the crack resistance index of shoe uppers, various thin leathers and leather surfaces. The clamp frame of this device fixes the outer periphery of the sample, and then at a speed of 12mm per minute, the steel ball is pushed up from the inner surface of the leather. When the leather surface is subjected to a force of 800N, the height value raised is the crack value.