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SL-L21 Leather Fastness Tester

item No: SL-L21

Leather Fastness Tester Standards:

SATRA PM173, QB/T2537, IS0-11640

Technical Parameters of Leather Fastness Tester:

 Load: 4.9±0.1 N
 Test Speed: 40±2 r/min
 Counter: LCD 0 ~ 99,999,99 times
 Dimension: 45 cm×45 cm×47 cm
 Weight: 43 kg
 Power Supply: 1∮AC 220V

Features of Leather Fastness Tester:

(1)To determine the color fastness of the sample surface by reciprocating rubbing on the sample surface with felt.
(2)Suitable for color fastness test of leather, plastics, and textile materials under the specified pressure.
(3)Conduct a reciprocating friction test on one surface of the sample with the specified felt, test the specified times.
(4)Compare the color of the felt surface and the sample surface with the gray sample card.
(5)Determine the discoloration of the sample and the pollution level of the felt and record any visible change or damage on the sample surface.

Which instrument is used for rubbing fastness testing?

The Friction Fastness Tester is a friction fastness tester for all types of textiles (fabrics, garments, home textiles, etc.). The central panel is a microprocessor based programmable unit. By using a spring clip, the friction finger is easily fitted with an absorbent cloth.