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SL-L06 Ross Flexing Tester

item No: SL-L06

Standards of Ross Flexing Tester:

ASTM-D1052, SATRA TM60, ISO-4643

Technical Parameters of Ross Flexing Tester:

6 groups of 12 stations
 Tortuous Angle:
90 ± 2 °
100 ± 5 R / min
 Counter: LCD liquid crystal display 0 ~ 9999999 times
 Volume (approx.): 50 cm * 80 cm * 45 cm
 Weight (about):
 Power supply:
1 ∮ AC220V 50Hz 3A

Application of Ross Flexing Tester:

The Shoe Ross Flexing Tester is used to perform 90° angle folding resistance test on rubber products, shoe sole materials, polyurethane, etc. The specially prepared specimens are repeatedly bent. Damage and cracking are then observed. Ross Flexing Tester is applicable to the bending test of rubber products, sole, PU, PVC, TPR foam and other materials. The sample is bent repeatedly at a certain angle and frequency to check the damage and cracking degree.

Principle of Ross Flexing Tester:

The specimen is repeatedly subjected to bending at a certain angle and at a certain frequency to check the degree of damage and cracking.

Features of Ross Flexing Tester:

1. Capable of testing 0~12 specimens.
2. Counter with LCD display.
3. 90° bending angle.

What is Ross flex testing? 

The instrument is used to test the overall bending resistance of the shoe. The bending tester is used to evaluate the overall bending resistance of shoes under dry and wet environmental conditions.