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Fabric & Hardware

SL-L40 Perspiration Tester

item No: SL-L40

Standards of  Perspiration Tester

AATCC RR52, ISO 105E04, JIS L0846, L0847, L0848, L0852, GB / T3922, and QB / T2924 

Parameters of Perspiration Tester:


12.5kpa pressure on the sample

  Size of the weight base

115mm * 60mm

  Sample size

40mm * 100mm

Applications of Perspiration Testing Equipment

Will be completed with artificial sweat soaked gain and loss of material and complete with artificial sweat soaked more fiber cloth with a certain pressure together, in the specified temperature of the oven to maintain a certain amount of time, make the test material color change and transfer, with more fiber color series and test the weakening series of material color to evaluate the sweat fastness of the test material.

Perspiration Test Machine Random Accessories: 

1. One beaker, 1 set of resin version (10). 
2. Six-color fiber cloth at 10 meters. 
3. Color with gray comparison card 1 (purchased separately). 

4. Five-color light source box 1 set (purchased separately).

What is perspiration Tester?

The perspiration tester is used to determine the color fastness to water, sea water, the perspiration fastness of textiles and the sublimation fastness during storage. The sweat tester consists of 1 stainless steel frame and 21 acrylic partitions, which can hold 20 samples. Therefore, both ISO/AATCC test methods can be done at once. Comes with 20 plastic pots for sample preparation. When using GB/T3922-1995 and AATCC15-2002 standards to test the color fastness of textiles to perspiration, the composition of sweat, pH value, temperature and time of the oven, and the lining fabric will have a great impact on the test results.