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1. In 2014

    SKYLINE officially operated and independently developed products of testing equipment, with annual sales of 2000000 RMB. 

2. In 2015

    The company was moved to Minghui Industrial Park for expanding the production scale and meet the market demand. 

3. In 2017

    There were 96 conventional products independently designed and developed, and 12 non-standard customized products as well. 

4. In 2019

    The company made a breakthrough and jointly developed mobile phone test equipment with Huawei terminals, which won great 

    praise from customers and gained recognition and popularity in the industry. 

5. In 2020

    According to the developed instrument products, we had 3 business commissioners to develop the market, achieving an annual sales 

    performance of 6 million RMB. And now we are recruiting more market commissioners and website operators, and developing more 

    testing equipment for multiple industries, aims to provide professional services for more customers.

  • 01.
    Quality, performance & value.
    Equipment design in strict accordance with international standards which you requested.
  • 02.
    Price & delivery.
    The most competitive price in the industry & A part of testers in stock to achieve a short time delivery.
  • 03.
    Equipment Calibration Service & pre-sales & after-sales