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Footwear Solution

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Footwear Testing Solution
SKYLINE specialized in the production of footwear testing equipment for more than 8year. With a scientific attitude and cutting-edge technology, we will provide the most suitable testing solution to help you to get better control of product quality. We have established long-term relationships with global SGS, HUAWEI, GOOGLE, INTERTEK, HASBRO, BV, LAKESHORE, SASO, TESCO and etc.
Applicable Footwear
1 Classification based on purpose: safety shoe sneakers, hiking shoes, running shoes,cotton-padded shoes, leisure shoes. cotton slippers. skate shoes, canvas shoes. heel shoes
2. Classification based on testing location: whole shoes, vamp, sole
Main Applicable Standard
Standard for Footwear Material SATRA TM92-1992 ;
BS 3424 P9, ISO 7854
EN ISO 20344,EN ISO17707,EN-344 And SATRA TM161
BS 1870,BS 4676,SATRA TM404
SATRA TM161, EN20344, ISO-17707, EN344
DIN 4843
ISO 22774

EN 13287-2012,ASTM F2913-2011(ASTM F1677-2005),SATRA TM 144,EN ISO 20345

  • 01.
    Testing equipment for whole shoes Bonding strength tester Impact resistance tester
    Abrasion resistance tester,Water resistance flexing tester,Flex resistance tester,Electric steel shank bending tester,Shank fatigue-resistant tester,Back part stiffness tester,Heel impact tester,Flexing water penetration tester,Anti-static tester,Centrifugal waterproof tester
  • 02.
    Testing equipment for leather
    Leather softness tester,Vamp flexing tester,Leather flexing tester,Digital leather cracking tester,Flexing water penetration tester
  • 03.
    Testing equipment for sole and heel
    Abrasion resistance tester,Heel fatigue tester,Heel impact tester,Sole belt flexing tester,Water resistance flexing tester,Back part stiffness tester