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SL-L67 Martindale Abraion Tester

item No: SL-L67

Standards of Martindale Abraion Tester:

EN388, ASTM-D4966, BS-3424, DIN-53863, ISO EN20344, GB/T20991, SATRA TM31

Technical Parameters of Martindale Abraion Tester:

(47.5 ± 5) R / min
12kpa (795 ± 5) g, 9kpa (595 ± 5) g
 Sample size:
diameter (38 ± 1) mm
 Dimension: (55x56x40)cm
about 68kg
 Power supply: AC220V, 120W

Please review video of the Martindale Abrasion Tester as below link:


Features of Martindale Abraion Tester:

This product carries out tests on textile products according to the Martindale method standard system and its relationship. And tests the abrasion resistance of fabrics through this test.The abrasion resistance is an important indicator of the quality of textile products, which directly affects the durability and use effect of products. Abrasion resistance refers to the abrasion resistance of fabrics or other materials during repeated friction.

Application of Martindale Abraion Tester:

Martindale abrasion testing machine is used for fabric pilling degree test and fabric abrasion resistance test instrument.

What is Martindale abrasion test?

Martindale abrasion test refers to the test of textile products based on the standard system of Martindale method and its relationship, and through this test to test the abrasion characteristics of the fabric, and abrasion resistance is an important index of textile product quality, which directly affects the durability and use of the product, abrasion resistance refers to the resistance of the fabric or with other substances in the process of repeated friction, the abrasion characteristics. The machine used to test the abrasion resistance of the fabric is Martindale abrasion tester.