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SL-L08 Burst Strength Tester

item No: SL-L08

Standards of Burst Strength Tester:

JIS-L1004, L1018, L1031, K6328, P8131, JIS P8112, ASTM-D2210, TAPPI T403, ISO 2759, GB/T6545

Specifications of Burst Strength Tester

Pressure Transducer
 Indication Mode:
LED Display
 Oil Pressure Speed:
Microcomputer 200W
 volume: 43×53×52cm
 Weight: 65kg
 Power Supply: ,AC220V,2.6A

Features of Burst Strength Tester:

Burst Strength Tester is suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, wires, hardware, bicycles, handbags, food, shoes, furniture and other factories whose products are packed in corrugated cartons. It can also test the bursting strength of cartons, and can also test synthetic leather and cloth.

What is burst strength tester?

Carton Bursting Strength Tester Packaging and Transportation Carton Bursting Strength Tester Bursting Strength Tester is a special test instrument used to measure the bursting strength of cartons. It adopts pneumatic clamping and clamping method, and uses the film to burst the sample to detect the bursting strength of cardboard. This test simulates the elongation force required when the carton is slowly burst by the elastic film sheet. It is suitable for the burst strength test of corrugated cardboard boxes and the burst strength test of heavy packaging boxes. It is indispensable for paper manufacturers, packaging and printing industries, and quality inspection departments. ideal equipment.

Test principle:Place the sample on the elastic film, clamp it with a sample clamp, and then apply pressure evenly to make the sample and film protrude freely until the sample breaks. value.

According to the standard GB/T 6545, GB/T 1057, GB/T10739, ISO 2759, TAPPI T810