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We warrant that the products we manufacture will be free from defects in material and workmanship and will operate in accordance with their specifications, and at our option we agree to repair or replace such components found to be defective in normal use. Within the scope of the manufacturer's warranty, we warrant components purchased from external suppliers and included in our products. Misuse of the components will void the warranty. If the equipment is modified, altered, transferred or in any way altered from the original construction, the original manufacturer's warranty will be void.

Consumables such as oil filters, seals, batteries and other items that are normally worn and/or replaced are not covered under warranty if their failure is due to normal wear and tear.Removal of any guards or personal safety devices will void this warranty. reserves the right to deny these warranty claims if it is determined that the failure was caused by shipping damage, improper maintenance, improper installation, repair or modification, in which case the customer will be responsible for all costs incurred for parts or labor, as well as shipping costs .

All claims for defective components shall be honored after proof of use that all recommended operating and maintenance procedures have been followed.

Pre-sale service

We can supply more than 20 series climate test machines to satisfy different test requirement from customers. 

Welcome to send your exact test conditions (inner chamber size, sample information, test temperature humidity range, vacuum range, etc.) to our sales team 

Then our engineer team will provide the suitable solution, sales team will send the offer to you.

After-sale service

1. We need to collect all the problems first and respond within 24 hours
2. Maintenance diagnosis within 48 hours
3. Replaced the spare parts or online video help to solve the problem.
  • 01.
    Problem collection
    Our company has received feedback from customers that there is a problem with the equipment, and try to collect it comprehensively. -24-hour response.
  • 02.
    Maintenance diagnosis
    the technology puts forward maintenancesolutions according to the provided problem diagnosis. -48 hours to respond.
  • 03.
    a)If the spare parts are not replaced, provide free technical support and online video guidance to complete the maintenance.
    b)The replacement of the spare parts: 
    During the warranty period: Due to equipment quality problems, our company will provide them free of charge, and your company will pay the courier fee. Outside the warranty period: It will be sold at the fixed price of spare parts of the company and delivered to your company by express delivery.
    After receiving the spare parts, we will guide you to complete the maintenance.