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SATRA Standards
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Leather Shoes Peeling Strength Tester

item No: SL-L28A

Technical parameters

 Blade width

 20 ± 0.2mm and 10 ± 0.2 mm

 Edge downlink speed

 20 ± 2mm/min, rising and falling speed adjustable

 Positioning rod and rod spacing

 50 ~ 70 mm adjustable


 0.001 ~ 10 mm

 Average Lifting range

 40 mm

 About the size

 560 * 320 * 750 mm

 Weight approx

 45 kg


 1 AC 220V, 50HZ (by country or specified)

Max Lord



This machine is suitable for checking into a shoe sole and upper peel strength between, the principle is fitted shoe shoes will become clamped in the machine to peel knife to peel the sole and upper junction, when measured peel is the force required to peel strength, peel strength and the edge according to the width of the peel strength is calculated.


GB/T 3903.3, BS 1870. BS 4676. SATRA TM404