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SATRA Standards

SL-L15 Heel Fatigue Tester

item No: SL-L15

Standards of Heel Fatigue Tester:



Parameters of Heel Fatigue Tester:



 Energy Impact


 Impact Frequency


 Impact Angle



LCD 0~999,999


Diameter:57±1mm  Thickness:20±1mm


main un:40*40*48cm   control box:18*21*20cm





Use of Heel Fatigue Tester:

This machine is specially used to test the continuous impact resistance of the heels of women's high-heeled shoes and medium-heeled shoes. Under certain energy and frequency, the punching edge of the machine continuously strikes the heel until the heel is fatigued and broken, so as to know the continuous impact bearing index of the heel and determine the durability of the heel.

How do you check the quality of safety shoes?

(1)  Comfort: As you know, these shoes are made for the construction industry. Therefore, they must be comfortable to wear. Make sure that when you buy safety shoes, they must have proper toe space and there should be no pinching and cramping. These shoes should provide adequate support at the arch and heel.Then the heel fatigue tester can test the fatigue resistance of the heel.

(2)  Test principle: the heel and heel point upward, the heel is fixed on the fixed tray of the heel fatigue resistance testing machine upright, and the impact head of the pendulum of the heel fatigue resistance testing machine vertically impacts the shoe with constant energy (0.68J). Follow until it fails or a satisfactory number of hits is reached.