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SL-L24B Footwear Dynamic WaterProofness Tester

item No: SL-L24B

Standards of Footwear Dynamic WaterProofness Tester:

SATRA TM230EN20344EN1SO20345

Footwear Dynamic WaterProofness Tester perameters:

 Test StationOptional


 Bending Speed


 Bending Angle



main un:69*65.1a8cm

 Tank Size


 Compressed Air

Least6 bar





Product information of Footwear Dynamic WaterProofness Tester:

Footwear Dynamic WaterProofness Tester is used to test shoe upper materials of leather, synthetic leather, cloth, etc. Against water penetration, which is taken the specimen immersing in water and flexing by a constant speed waterproof tester for leather products is used standard steel ball placed in the interior of leather, and in this way to do water-proof and twist testing. Testing before needs to set the number of reverses and automatically shut down when the number arrives, the machine is equipped with a sensor, when the water infiltrates into the interior of leather, it will automatically stop counting time, and display the time of twist.

How do you test for waterproofness?

The test is fairly simple: First, the fabric to be tested is stretched and sealed in a controlled chamber. Then pour the water slowly into the graduated cylinder placed on the fabric (this will increase the pressure on the surface). Once this pressure becomes too great, water will begin to penetrate the fabric.