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SL-L05-2/SL-L05-4 Shoe Flexing Tester

item No: SL-L05-2/SL-L05-4

Standard of Shoe Flexing Tester


Shoe Flexing Tester Paremeters:




5~150cpm Adjustable

 Bending Angle



LCD 0-99,.999







Please review video of the Shoes Flexing Tester as below link: 


Shoe Flexing Tester Use:

This machine is designed for measuring the resistance of shoes of all kinds to flex. It determines the fatigue durability and service life of shoes by simulating the walking state of a person. This machine features simple operation. Reasonable design, rigidity and durability, low noise, and easy maintenance.

Test principle of Footwear Testing Machine:

The test specimen is mounted on the testing machine, and the rear part of the shoe is promoted to bend at a certain angle and frequency to simulate the test of human footwear walking condition and determine the fatigue resistance and service life of the shoe.

What is the need for testing in the footwear industry?

There are a range of tests to ensure that your footwear products are of the best possible standard. These include many of the major physical testing programs for footwear such as adhesion, aging, flex resistance, static slip resistance, breath ability checks, heel impact resistance and more.

What is flexibility in a shoe?

Midsole stiffness or flexibility explains how much you bend and twist the shoe. Sports shoes, casual shoes, work shoes and other finished shoes can be tested by Shoe Flexing Tester. After a long time, constant frequency, and constant angle of continuous bending, evaluate its bending resistance or check its cracking degree. This machine has many features, which can be said to be comprehensive. In addition to reasonable design, beautiful model, and easy clamping and removal of specimens, the rotating shaft is specially made of carbon steel, which is strong and durable. Minimize wear and noise, cooperate with toothed belt to make the rotation speed more accurate and stable, plus the design of offset vibration and the use of shock-proof tripod, the machine is beautiful, sturdy, stable and durable, low-wear, low-noise, and easy to operate , easy maintenance and many other features, the acrylic protective cover guarantees the safety of the operator during operation, and conforms to the technical basis of SATRATM92.