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SL-L01 Leather Softness Tester

item No: SL-L01

Technical Parameters of Leather Softness Tester:

(530±10) g

Features of Leather Softness Tester:

This instrument is specially used to measure the softness of leather and animal skin, so as to know whether the softness and hardness of leather in the same batch or in the same package are uniform. And also to test the softness difference of each part of a single piece of leather. It has the advantages of accuracy, beauty, easy operation and maintenance, and portability.

Product introduction of Leather Softness Tester:

This leather softness tester is characterized by precision, beauty, simple operation, easy maintenance and portability. The leather softness tester is suitable for measuring the softness of leather and animal skins to know whether the softness and hardness of the same batch of leather are uniform, or whether there are differences in the softness and hardness of a single soft hide.

Leather Softness Tester standard:

According to standard IULTCS. IUP 136

Applicable industries of Leather Softness Tester:

Leather softness tester is suitable for leather performance tests in the footwear, clothing and luggage and handbag industries, research laboratories; commodity inspection, arbitration and technical supervision departments.

How is softness of leather measured?

Leather softness tester, a good helper for work.

The material to be tested is sandwiched between test holes of known diameter, and then a certain load is applied through the small holes in the fabric to read the curvature around the scale needle.

Performance: The leather softness tester can be used to measure the thickness and softness of leather. It is easy to operate, and the measurement is accurate and error-free.

The product is reasonable in size, easy to operate and carry.

Reasonable design, simple and easy to operate, and fine workmanship, very durable, accurate measurement, and the price is not expensive, friends who pursue cost performance should not miss it.