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SL-L31 Portable Elbow Slip Tester

item No: SL-L31

Standard of Portable Elbow Slip Tester: 

ASTM F1677

Technical Parameters of Portable Elbow Slip Tester:

 Sample area:
3“ × 3"(76.2 × 76.2mm)
 Sliding rod:
diameter 12mm
 Test area:
4“ × Above 4 "
 Bottom plate thickness: 3 / 4 "× 1.78 × 1.75
 Falling height: 1 / 8 "~ 1 / 4" × 1.78 × 1.75
 Volume (approx.):
40 × twenty-two × 39cm
 Weight (about):

Features of Portable Elbow Slip Tester:

This machine is suitable for testing the skid resistance of PU, PVC and other materials. By applying 10lb force to the sample, the horizontal and vertical force components are generated between the sample and the ground. The friction coefficient of the sample is evaluated according to the force balance principle.

What is ASTM f1677?

The slip resistance test requirements for sole materials meet the ASTM-F1677 standard. The anti-slip test is also one of the important testing items for footwear. There are many methods for the anti-slip test in China, and the corresponding equipment is different according to different standards. Please pay attention to it when purchasing. The anti-skid performance of footwear can be divided into dynamic anti-skid performance, static anti-skid performance and dynamic critical angle.