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Slip Resistance Tester

item No: SL-LC71

Standards of Slip Resistance Tester

ASTM F609, HG/T3780-2005,ASTMD 1894 – 001

Techncial parameters of Slip Resistance Testing Machine

 Capacity  25KG
 Unit  kg, N
 Absolution  1/1000
 Load Accuracy  ±1%
 Stroke  300mm
 Test Speed  3.5±0.5in/min (100±10mm/min or 400±40mm/min)
 Grips  2700±34 g
 Dimension (W*D*H)  84cm×27.2cm×33.6cm (approximate )
 Weight  86KG(approximate )
 Power Supply  AC 220V 3A(specified)

Product Description of Slip Resistance Testing Equipment

This machine is used to determine the dry static coefficients of sole and heel materials. The static coefficient of friction is obtained by calculating the tangential and vertical forces on a controlled walking surface under a specified load.

Controlled walking surface, its tangential and vertical forces are calculated to obtain the static coefficient of friction.