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Outsole Belt Flexing Tester

item No: SL-L25

Technical parameters of Outsole Belt Flexing Tester

 Belt Size

 Length: 1930±50mm Width: 140±5mm

 Rotating Speed of Sack

 90±8 cycles/min


 MAX.6 pcs


 LCD 0~999,999

 Motor AC

 1/2HP variable freq. motor

 Dimension (W×D×H)

 131 cm ×82cm ×69cm

 Weight (Approx)


 Power Supply

 AC220V 50Hz/60Hz (specified by user)

Application of Outsole Belt Flexing Testing Machine

The machine is designed for bending large bottoms. It tests the specimen by simulating the normal walking of an individual, so as to determine the bending resistance of the specimen. Users can set the number of tests themselves and it will stop automatically when the number of tests is reached. In order to improve the efficiency, more than one specimen can be tested.