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Footwear Testing By Consumables and Accessories

OSRAM 300W Bulb

item No: SL-L09-A

Parameters of OSRAM 300W Bulb:

 Rated power:


 Rated voltage: 




 Lamp head type:

 E27 threaded lamp head

 Service life:

 1000 hours 

 Curing time:

 15~30 seconds

OSRAM 300W Bulb Vendor Product Features:

- The closest to the sun's light source products, the skin has a positive effect

- E27 lamp head, directly used for 230V voltage, no ballast

- High quality, long life, high cost performance, wide range of applications


OSRAM 300W Bulb Has a Wide Range of Applications:

- Simulation of sunlight for material testing

- Excellent light source for yellowing resistance testing

- Cost-effective UV glue curing light source

- Daylight simulation light source for indoor plant and animal breeding