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Footwear Testing By Consumables and Accessories

AATCC 105 Color Change Gray Card

item No: SL-L80-B

AATCC 105 Color Change Gray Card Standards

ISO 105 A03, AATCC/EP2, GB/T 251

Instrument Use

AATCC 105 Color Change Gray Card is use to evaluate the color change in color fastness test,evaluate the color fastness grade of the product. The international standard ISO, American standard AATCC and Chinese standard GB specified by the chromaticity data standard for the calibration of the gray card, this gray card is applicable to GB, ISO, AATCC, DIN, BS, JIS, EN standards in the textile color fastness ratining.

Cautions of Using the AATCC 105 Color Change Gray 

1. Keep the gray card clean.
2. The gray card should be checked frequently for finger marks and other marks.
3. If the marks are found to have interfered with the rating, the card must be replaced.
4. Avoid mechanical damage from touching.
5. If mechanical damage interferes with the rating, it should be replaced.
6. When the gray card is used up, put it into the sleeve.