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The importance of leather rub resistance color fastness assessment

26 \ May
Leather rubbing color fastness is a simulation of leather products in daily use or processing, due to friction, surface coating damage, shedding, discoloration and friction materials are stained.
    Leather rubbing color fastness failed, for consumers, will affect the normal use, especially products containing migratory azo dyes, but also endanger human health; for the production enterprise, will affect its economic efficiency, and even lead to huge economic losses. The use of rapid and effective inspection methods to accurately find the root cause of the problem of friction fastness of leather products, and then product quality improvement, is the key to reducing costs, improve production efficiency, but also to protect the rights and interests of consumers. With the development of leather industry, leather products technology and art content continue to improve, consumers are more and more concerned about the quality of the product awareness. China's quality supervision department is also constantly strengthening the supervision of leather products. According to reports, Shanghai industrial and commercial bureau had the city's circulation of leather clothing for sampling, found in the 72 pieces of leather clothing were sampled, 35 pieces failed, and all for rubbing color fastness failed. Shanghai industrial and commercial administrative organs have ordered the unit inspected to stop sales, and according to the law for processing. In accordance with the "Product Quality Law" provisions of the supervision and sampling of products, failed by the relevant departments ordered the producer, seller to rectify the deadline. Overdue, the relevant departments to be announced; announcement after the review still failed, ordered to cease operations, a period of rectification; rectification period after the review of product quality is still unqualified, the revocation of business license. Export products may also be recalled, and even face the danger of being banned from export.
    Leather rubbing color fastness factors are many and complex, the development and optimization of leather rubbing color fastness test method, further research rotary rubbing color fastness test method is particularly necessary. According to the current situation at home and abroad, it is suggested that China's leather industry combine with their own reality, learn from foreign experience, establish the scientific and effective test procedures, comparative data and quality evaluation index of the rotating friction method, continuously optimize the test standards and methods, continuously improve the test instrument, provide theoretical support to solve the current technical problems, and continuously improve the test level of color fastness to friction in China's leather industry