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Shoe Flexing tester test process precautions

11 \ May
The shoe Flexing tester is mainly used to test the bending resistance of finished shoes and soles. Test the sole as well as the product shoes in the repeated bending process of crack resistance performance. It has an extremely important role in the performance testing of shoes. So what are the requirements for the specimen and what are the conditions needed for testing?

First of all, the specimen should be the finished shoes after 48 hours of processing, without obvious defects. Each group of specimens should be no less than two pairs. The specimens should be tested after 6 hours of temperature regulation in the test chamber. Only first ensure that the specimens meet the standard requirements in order to make the test results closer to reality, so as to make further improvements to product quality.

Secondly, the shoe bending tester test conditions are: *, bending angle 30 ° 45 °, 50 °, 60 °, 90 ° and other adjustable. Second, the test speed of 50 ~ 150 times / min. Third, the test room temperature: 23±2℃.

zui later, in accordance with the following steps to operate, you can complete this test process.

1. Adjust the eccentric distance of the testing machine to make the bending angle reach the specified angle.

2. Put the sample shoe on the tester.

3. Adjust the distance of the press in the shoe so that the front end of the press is at the metatarsal toe area of the shoe.

4. Zero the counter before the test starts, set the number of bends to the specified value, and start the mainframe to begin the test.

5. After reaching the required number of tests, observe the changes in the whole shoe after bending.

Test report: the bending value is expressed by the number of times, no crack is qualified, a crack is unqualified, and the length of the crack is expressed in millimeters.

Each pair of shoes test results to visual inspection shall prevail, if one of them has a crack then the pair of shoes according to the crack treatment.